Hello, my name is Helen, I live in Pickering North Yorkshire with my husband Dean,  I have five children and three grandchildren. A Golden Retriever Ted, German Shepherd Magic (protector of the cats) with a beautiful loving nature even with the cats as she would mother them all. I have had cats all my life, I shared my cot with my first cat Twinkie and from then on I have never been without a cat in my life. My mum used to say "There is something about you and cats that they just home in on you" I am beginning to think that this is very true!
The cats in my life up to the age of fourty were the average pet cat until I got my first Ragdoll as a birthday present and fell in I love with the breed, there is just that extra something about them that can only be described as charming, dog like (ideal if you like both cats and dogs but cannot fully commit to a dog). Puppy cat seems very appropriate .Most cats are pretty independent but a Ragdoll is the opposite and does require that dependence of you being there as they love company.
As my youngest children (twins) started school full time I decided I wanted to do something for myself that i would enjoy. Which was to dedicate myself to breeding Ragdolls. I have throughout the years rescued cats and then became involved in a local cat welfare rescue group which no longer exists but still find myself helping cats where I can. So to take on breeding was not a decision taken lightly as there is so much involved.
 My cats are very much part of our family and are my pets first and foremost, which is why they all live indoors with us apart from my stud boys. I always watch over the births of my kittens to make sure that mother and babies are okay. All of my kittens are left with their mums and observed on a daily basis until weaning and litter trained, then they gradually find their feet and are free to roam in the house getting familiar with televisions, hoovers  etc.
This makes for going to there new forever home easier on the kitten, each and everyone of my kittens sold have all settled very well as the new mummy's and daddy's let me know. I do aim to give as much support and advice as I can once my babies are in their new homes. I have traditional American Ragdolls and now I am introducing the non traditional mink Ragdoll in my breeding program and I feel very passionate about breeding my Ragdoll cats. My lines go back  nine generations of Daddy Warbucks. I was always led to beleive that my stud boy from these lines has chocolate in his lines, I wanted this confirming as many people claim to have chocolate carriers. I have had him tested at langfords Genetic Labs and they have confirmed that he is a carrier of chocolate and dilute. Since testing Flashoflight, I can also confirm by a mating done with Milo that I have another carrier of chocolate and dilute queen within my lines.

I have a lifetime of knowledge of cats and their behavior having never been without one in my life. I do not profess to say I know it all! However having cats as long as I have I have gained the knowledge along the way. They are all different in character and you build a relationship with each individual cat and you are still learning along the way. We currently have a cat the suffers from epilepsy, he also is a little hard of hearing. When we have young kittens running around he gets startled by them and to those that do not understand his behavior may think his response to them is of an aggressive form. When in actual fact he is in "fight or flight mode" this can be the worst time to make any contact with a cat. As I know that his response is due to stress, we now have put him on medication to settle him down. He is also teaching himself to take himself out of a situation of feeling stressed, as I have moved him out of the way previously when he finds himself in an uncomfortable situation. We could never part with Mr.Zebedee as he is underneath it all a very vulnerable cat and we want to make his life as happy as we can and being stressed could also induce a epileptic fit even though he is on medication for this. We have such a lovely relationship he asks me for his medication on a morning and an evening by looking up at me circling. He does not always realize that his medication is in his wet food, to him it is a treat! As you can see from the two pictures below he is a beautiful boy and loves his one to one attention!
Sadly we had to make the decision to let Mr.Zebedee leave us for rainbow bridge on the 27th of April 2019. He was six years and three days old, his medication to control his epilepsy had taken it's toll on his liver. We miss him already, although a very quiet boy on a daily basis he would meow at me, sat waiting for his medication concealed in his food! He had his own special particular way of tapping you with his paw, pulling you close to him so he could give you a love nibble! 
Rest in Peace Mr.Zebedee

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