China Cages

Over the past few years, I myself and many other Ragdoll cat breeders have been approached by people from china inquiring about ragdoll kittens. They mainly tell you that they are a student studying in this country at universities. I have had many saying different universities all over the country. They say they have had a friend with ragdoll or have looked after one, therefore would like one for themselves. Other stories are told too, I alerted another breeder,who was about to provide kittens, as my suspicions were these ragdolls would end up in a chinese kitten mill. The colour pattern they favour is bicolour aslo they target breeders like myself who do not early neuter/spay. These photos are of a kitten mill in china. I do believe that they are genuine chinese breeders that do keep the cats in good conditions, unfortunately these chinese kitten brokers are spoiling the relations between breeder and buyer.

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