Siberian & Neva Masquerade Siberian Kings
Komilfo D*Plombir 
Sire World Champion Di Jey Lunnaya Dymka*RU
Dam World Champion Alfa-Centauri Sineva*RU

Our Beautiful Komilfo D*Plombir was our Neva Masquerade Siberian  foundation King. He sired some beautiful babies during his time with me, he also sired some beautiful babies with the Blue Miracle Cattery in Dundee. His lines carry on through some of my lines thankfully. He is now owned by Vikki Kinsella and continues his lines. Thank you Elena Igoshina from the Cattery Komilfo Russia for such a wonderful king!

Velikan Siberian Sapphire*UA
Solid Blue carrier of Colourpoint and Gold
Imported From The Ukraine Sire Champion Gvidon Tabelis Dam Zhemchuzhina Octavia*UA

Future King
Snugglepuss Moonstone Mischa
Blue Silver Tabby Colourpoint with white
Neva Masquerade Siberian 
Sire Snugglepuss Oskar
 Dam Zora Love of Prague*CZ

Dougal potential future king yet to be named! He is a possible Cream Golden Tabby Point/white
 Sire Velikan Siberian Sapphire*UA 
Dam Snugglepuss Curious Kate

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